How to Describe Remote Work On a Resume for Remote Jobs

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If you’re looking for — or even just open to — remote positions, you can include a line in your resume header that specifies this. Next to your location, simply list that you’re open to remote work. Remote work continues to play a pivotal part in shaping the future of the workplace for the foreseeable future.

how to list remote work on resume

Remote working requires a specific set of skills, such as time management, self-discipline, and communication. Portray yourself as a specialist in the field by only listing exact matching job titles. A consistent career timeline like this implies you’re well-versed in that specific role.

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You can even list the specific name of programs you have experience using, like Slack, Zoom, Google Hangouts, Asana, or Wrike. If the company you’re interviewing with uses the same tools, it’ll likely put the employer at ease knowing you already have the experience with them. Another area where you can highlight your desire to work remotely includes your professional summary. This is where you set your intent as a job applicant — and it’s the perfect spot to mention your desire and ability to work remotely. Also, if you’ve previously held remote positions, call those out in your work experience section by listing “remote” in place of the company’s location. Showcasing a track record of success and remote work skills boosts employment prospects for work-from-home employment opportunities.

how to list remote work on resume

This makes your resume more interesting and can lead to an interview. Here’s how you can include your remote work experience in your resume without sacrificing content. Most remote recruiters look for the soft skills that potential employees need for the challenges ahead. But if you do plan on adding that, it’s a great spot to write “Remote” or “Remote Work” in that space. While adding quantifiable achievements, adding the digital skills that your remote work required, will help your resume shine more. Here are some tips on how to list remote work on a resume and demonstrate your previous work experience.

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However, you can slightly shift the setup to make it known that you performed the work remotely. So, how do you properly show your remote work experience on a resume? Instead, focus on what you accomplished during your remote work experience, mention the tools you used, and quantify the impact of your work, without fabricating anything. Spearheaded a bi-weekly virtual sync-up meeting how to list remote work on resume and implemented Asana project management software, improving team communication and speeding up the project completion rate by 30%. Increased sales by 15% during Q while working remotely and maintaining consistent communication with dispersed team members in different time zones. Here is an example of a resume summary that includes these skills and should get the job done.

how to list remote work on resume

If you’d like to learn more, the team at The Advance Group can help. Contact us today and see how our resume writing expertise can benefit you. A neat, well-designed resume will keep the hiring manager reading the document whereas a cluttered one is likely to be put aside. Use distinctive section headers, add colors sparingly, and consider using graphics or charts if you want to show off some accomplishments.

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